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All my escape rooms

by BeckyBecky

Here is a list of all the escape rooms I have done, as of 11th April 2020.

Want to see the list of all my megagames?

1HatchTick Tock Unlock, Leeds13th March 2016YES00:43:00
2Code-XLeeds Dock popup17th September 2016YES00:35:20
3Alice in WonderlandTick Tock Unlock, Leeds27th October 2016YESunsure
4221B Baker StreetEscape Peterborough5th April 2017YESunsure
5Alice in Wonderland (Cocktails in the City)Tick Tock Unlock6th April 2017YESunsure
6Black DiamondHour Escape Rooms, Peterborough26th November 2017YESunsure
7The Study of Professor WilbanksThe Guest House Escape Rooms, Leeds10th March 2018YESunsure
8Our Finest HourEscape Hunt Leeds13th April 2018YES00:52:17
9SubmergedThe Great Escape Game Leeds11th May 2018YESunsure
10The Fourth SamuraiEscape Hunt Leeds25th September 2018YES00:41:23
11Save King’s LandingDubrovnik Escape Room14th October 2018YES00:45:00
12Blackbeard’s TreasureEscape Hunt Leeds19th October 2018YES00:39:01
13Who Killed SallyNH Events, Leeds23rd October 2018YES00:40:00
14Unknown ReservationTick Tock Unlock, Leeds31st October 2018YESn/a
15Iron KingdomEscape Reality Leeds4th January 2019YESunsure
16The Murder of Dodgy DaveNH Events, Leeds19th January 2019YESunsure
17Hotel HeistLocked In Games, Leeds14th February 2019YES00:48:23
18Lady Chastity’s ReserveHandmade Mysteries, London14th April 2019YES00:53:08
19Professor Henry’s DiscoveryNH Events, Leeds17th April 2019YESunsure
20V90Mindlock, York3rd May 2019YES00:39:22
21Mountain MayhemKong Escape Room, Keswick27th May 2019YES00:49:27
22Follow in my FootstepsKanyu Escape, Leeds15th June 2019YES00:41:37
23UnderworldThe Great Escape Game Leeds20th June 2019YESunsure
24Worlds CollideEscape Hunt Leeds30th June 2019YESunsure
25OutbreakThe Great Escape Game Leeds6th July 2019YESn/a
26AsylumTick Tock Unlock, Leeds8th July 2019YESunsure
27American Die-nerLocked In Games, Leeds28th July 2019YES00:44:45
28Patient Zero 2150AIM Escape, London11th August 2019YES00:29:00
29Lightning in a BottleKanyu Escape, Leeds26th August 2019YES00:45:00
30The GridLollipop, London25th October 2019YESn/a
31The InfectedRush Hour Games, Spalding27th October 2019YES00:43:10
32Cell Block CClue HQ, Harrogate7th December 2019YES00:43:08
33Alcatraz 2.0The Great Escape Game Sheffield4th January 2020YES00:29:48
34The Room That Shall Not Be NamedEscapologist White Rose, Leeds12th January 2020YES00:46:00
35Sherlocked-InEscapologist White Rose, Leeds12th January 2020YES00:40:50
36Magna CartaTension Twisted Realities, Lincoln19th January 2020YES00:26:48
37RA/IDThe Great Escape Game Leeds25th January 2020YESn/a
38Gem RunnerLucardo Manchester15th February 2020YES00:49:29
39Station XTimeTrap Reading7th March 2020YES00:54:07
40Magnum OpusYouEscape, online14th March 2020YES00:40:00