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All my megagagames

by BeckyBecky

Here is a list of all the megagames I have taken part in, as of 11th April 2020. What is a megagame? Find out here.

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#GameDateRoleGroup / Designer (Runner)
1Renaissance and Reformation8th March 2014Louise of Savoy, Queen Mother of FranceMegagame Makers / Brian Cameron
2Watch The Skies17th May 2014Head of World NewsMegagame Makers / Jim Wallman
3Of Gods And Men10th November 2014Aphrodite, Beauty AspectMegagame Makers / Paul Hill & Bruce Walton
4Watch The Skies 2: Global Conspiracy21st March 2015Editor-in-Chief, GNNMegagame Makers / Jim Wallman
5D-Day Dodgers18th April 2015Control for IT XVI CorpsMegagame Makers / Rob Cooper & Jim Wallman
6Mirror State: Episode One6th June 2015Patriot News EditorMirror State / Sam Bennett & Jon Torrens
7Don’t Panic13th June 2015Editor-in-Chief, New York TimesMegagame Makers / Jim Wallman
8Watch The Skies 3: Global Conspiracy25th July 2015Editor-in-Chief, GNNMegagame Makers / Jim Wallman
9City of Shadows12th September 2015Daina ‘Coldeye’ Lupekis, Boss of Griezti VaikinaiMegagame Makers / Brian Cameron & Jim Wallman
10A New Age Dawns 217th October 2015Queen Louisa of SpainMegagame Makers / Brian Cameron & Bernie Ganley
11Washington Conference 431st October 2015Ida Tarbell, reporter for the Baltimore SunMegagame Makers / Dave Boundy
12Come To A King14th November 2015Ottar the Black Skald of DenmarkMegagame Makers / Andrew Hadley
13A Very British Civil War27th February 2016Joan Valentine, PIO for the BUF South YorkshirePennine Megagames / Paul Howarth
14Watch The Skies 4: Global Apocalypse19th March 2016Editor-in-Chief, GNNMegagame Makers / Jim Wallman
15Urban Nightmare Redux16th April 2016Veronica Corningstone, Editor-in-Chief of Stoat NewsPennine Megagames / Jim Wallman (Tim Campbell)
16Aftermath14th May 2016Head of Gold CommandDiversionary Games / Zane Gunton
171866 And All That21st May 2016Italy Map ControlMegagame Makers / Bernie Ganley
18Guelphs and Ghibellines4th June 2016Milan Team ControlMegagame Makers / Jaap Boender
19The Jena Campaign25th June 2016Leopold Berthier, Chief of Staff for French 1st CorpPennine Megagames / Rupert Clamp
20The Spanish Road16th July 2016Queen Elizabeth of EnglandMegagame Makers / Ben Moores
21Dungeons of Yendor20th August 2016Connie White, Merchant of YendorPennine Megagames / Jim Wallman (John Moley)
22Not Over By Christmas10th September 2016SACEUR of NATOMegagame Makers / Rob Cooper
23The Chosin Few15th October 2016Control for AmericansPennine Megagames / Pete Sizer & Simon Dasmacht
24Everybody Dies12th November 2016Game ControlMegagame Makers / Becky Ladley
25Popes, Poison and Perfidy26th November 2016Queen Isabella of SpainPennine Megagames / Paul Howarth
26A Very British Civil War 2: The Midlands Strike Back11th February 2017Joan Valentine, PIO for the BUF South YorkshirePennine Megagames / Paul Howarth
27Foxes and Devils8th April 2017Eleanor Hapsburg, Archduchess of AustriaMegagame Makers / Brian Cameron
28Everybody Dies Harder22nd April 2017Game ControlPennine Megagames / Becky Ladley
29City of Shadows 213th May 2017Captain Freedom, VigilanteMegagame Makers / Brian Cameron & Jim Wallman
30French Invasion of Ireland 179620th May 2017Morale and Unit ControlPennine Megagames / Rupert Clamp
31Barricades and Borders3rd June 2017Foreign Minister of RuritaniaMegagame Makers / Brian Cameron
32Urban Nightmare: State of Chaos1st July 2017International Press ControlMegagame Makers and others / Jim Wallman
33The Pirate Republic19th August 2017Martha Farley, Pirate QuartermasterPennine Megagames / John Sharp
34Crisis in Elysium2nd September 2017Governor of Mars, Martian Colonial AuthorityMegagame Makers / Alex Beck
35Dire Straits5th September 2017Editor-in-Chief, GNNConnections UK / Jim Wallman & Rex Brynen
36Still Not Over By Christmas23rd September 2017New Player Control / VideographerPennine Megagames / Rob Cooper
37A World Divided7th October 2017Chancellor of MacmahonSW Megagames / John Mizon
38Red Dawn?21st October 2017Felix Dzerzhinsky, Head of the Cheka for the BolsheviksMegagame Makers / Bernie Ganley
39Undeniable Victory18th November 2017Sadoun Shakir, Interior Minister for IraqMegagame Makers / Ben Moores
40The Last Romans25th November 2017Prefecture Control for the EastPennine Megagames / Paul Howarth
41Watch The Skies Lite21st January 2018Editor-in-Chief, GNNStone Paper Scissors / Jim Wallman
42Cockroaches, Copper and Cows17th February 2018Press ControlMegagame Makers / Jonathan Pickles
43The Shot Heard Round The Universe28th April 2018Constitution and Krill ControlPennine Megagames / Tim Campbell
44A Very British Civil War19th May 2018Lead Political ControlMegagame Makers / Paul Howarth
45Arrival26th May 2018President of RussiaCrisis Games / Darren Green
46Blood and Thunder16th June 2018Captain Ariadne Haddock of Rackham’s GhostMegagame Makers / Jim Wallman
47Megamunda28th July 2018Deputy Chief JudgePennine Megagames / Phillip Howarth
48A Very British Coup4th August 2018Sir George Fison, Press Baron at Fison CorporationStone Paper Scissors / Jim Wallman
49Everybody Dies 3: Playing With Fire1st September 2018Game ControlPennine Megagames / Becky Ladley
50Mirrorshades6th October 2018Chaos Theory, Freelance FaceHorizon Megagames / Alex Beck
51War to End War17th November 2018Talat, CUP for the OttomansMegagame Makers / Jon Casey
52Juntas24th November 2018Molina, Prime Minister of Valle PortoPennine Megagames / Paul Howarth
53City of the Devil1st December 2018Constance of Aragon, Holy Roman Empire (Hohenstauffen)Megagame Makers / Richard Hands
54Long Live Death 29th February 2019EditorMegagame Makers / Bernie Ganley
55Den of Wolves2nd March 2019Council Member for DioneHorizon Megagames / John Mizon
56Buccaneer23rd March 2019Alexandra Exquemelin, Leader of Buccaneers in TortugaPennine Megagames / John Sharp
57Lights in the Sky30th March 2019Alien MenaceTrue North Megagames / Kyle Raymond, Seumas Bates & Daniel Burkle
58Mirrorshades 2.013th April 2019Fastjack, Hacker of the SpectresHorizon Megagames / Alex Beck
59Bring Them Home28th April 2019The AstronautTreehouse / Jon Gracey, Adam Douglas & Viv Egan
60Trope High18th May 2019Game ControlPennine Megagames / Becky Ladley
61Kingdom of Seasons31st August 2019Baroness of Tzoulou, N’TchalouTrue North Megagames / Seumas Bates
62Monsterville Mansion26th October 2019Party Kid of the Greek CouncilHorizon Megagames / Alex Beck
63Who Will Watch Them?16th November 2019Fallacy, VillainPennine Megagames / Jonathan Pickles
64It Belongs In A Museum23rd November 2019Elsie Schneider, Antiquarian for the Ethical Explorers ClubTrue North Megagames / Jake Smithson, Riccardo Viglianisi & Danielle McAloon
65Funeral Games30th November 2019Olympias of GreeceMegagame Makers / Rob Cooper
66Crisis in Elysium29th February 2020High Priest of the Church of the True MartiansHorizon Megagames / Alex Beck
67Virtual Den of Wolves4th April 2020Captain of the SalvadorGothenburg Megagames / John Mizon (Johan Olofsson & Niklas Lindblad)