Home Life Hello! This is my blog :D

Hello! This is my blog :D

by BeckyBecky

For a while, I’ve been wanting to start a blog.

But you blog already, I hear you say!

Well yes, I already blog on my business website (www.socialquirk.co.uk), and I’ve done occasional blogs on my personal website and the wonder that is Medium. But I’m living in a new city (Leeds) and doing more with myself than ever before (excluding university), so I feel like I have tons to write about.

And despite working in social media, I don’t get tons of opportunity to practice all the skills I teach, so I’m going to be using this as an excuse to do just that! I’ll be setting up profiles on Facebook and Instagram, and I want to experiment more on video, so I’ll be trying out Facebook Live and maybe YouTube. I’ll pop up links to them when I’ve set them up.

What will the blog contain? Well, posts including, but not limited to:

  • Food
    • Eating Out
    • Cooking
  • Games
    • Boardgames
    • Megagames
    • Video games
  • Life in Leeds
    • Events
    • Places
    • Activities
  • Travel/Holidays
  • Other general life things
    • Being self-employed
    • Starting a new relationship
    • Being a maid-of-honour
    • Etc etc etc

So yeah, the content may be a bit of a mix, but then, so am I! I’ll be aiming to post three times a week to start with, but this may go up (or down) depending on how much free time I have and how many new clients I get (woop).

The completionist in my wants to import some of my older blog posts from my Becky Ladley blog that are applicable to what I’m writing about on here, too.

If you have any feedback on my blog, please please please comment 🙂

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