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Backdrop shots at the Cocktail Experience Leeds - Review by BeckyBecky Blogs

Hey there, I’m BeckyBecky šŸ˜€

I’ve lived in Leeds since the start of April 2016 (not very long!), and I’ve been running my own social media consultancy called Social QuirkĀ since October 2012.

I approach pretty much every aspect of my life with a geek-like intensity. My interests are all over the place – just like this blog!

So what do I generally blog about? Well, to start with, most blogs will fall into one of threeĀ main categories:

  • Life In Leeds – I’ve not been in Leeds long, so I’ll be blogging about the new thingsĀ that I do around the city – from exercise classes, tourist destinations, shopping, or just thoughts about the city and my life here.
  • Games – I’m not a serious gamer, but I do take part in Megagames (sort of like giant, in person board/war/RPG game crossovers). I also play the occasional board game and video game, as well as gaming a lot with my boyfriend TC.
  • Food – I love cooking and going out to restaurants and bars. I’ll be sharing my favourite recipes, cooking tips and reviews of places I go to eat.

On top of that, I’ll blog about any holidays I go on, news in my life, maybe the odd tidbit about being self-employed that doesn’t fit on my work blog.