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Amazon Birthday Wishlist by BeckyBecky Blogs

My Birthday Amazon Wishlist

by BeckyBecky

Hands up if you’re crazy obsessed with your birthday? 🙋🙋🙋

Other than summer and Christmas, my birthday is my absolute favourite time of year. So much so, that I can’t contain my excitement to a single day, and drag it out into a Birthapalooza. I’ve been using the term since at least 2014, and it’s defined as:

the period of time spanning from the Friday immediately before and the Sunday immediately after the 20th October (with some exceptions when the 20th October is a Saturday).

It mostly means that I make an effort to treat myself during those days, and also that I try to see all the people that matter to me over that time period. If anyone can’t make my official birthday do, I try to take them for lunch or even just grab a coffee.

I’ve got some super exciting stuff planned for this year, and I’m seeing so many people I care about, and I’m crazy eager for that week to hurry up and get here.

About a month before my birthday, when I know it’s getting close, it’s wishlist time! I add to my Amazon wishlist constantly, and it’s only just before my birthday that I do a proper purge. There’s items on here I know I’ll never own, items that I will buy when I feel like a I want a treat, and hopefully a few items I’ll be receiving next month for my birthday!

(I also decided now would be a cool time to try out Amazon Affiliates program, so most of the links below are affiliate links, which mean I may earn money if you click on them. Just so’s you know!).

Around The House

I’m absolutely a kitchen gadget junkie. I love cooking, I love eating, and I love taking photos of pretty drinks in prettier glasses.

One item that’s been on my wishlist for a while is a proper coffee maker. When I was on my staycation, Tim and I got to play with his parents’ Nespresso machine, and while it was super handy, I really enjoyed making proper coffees when I was working at a hotel in Guildford. This Morphy Richards Espresso Coffee Maker with Milk Frothing Arm looks spot on.Alternatively, we get by fine at the moment with our cafetiere, so perhaps I just need the milk frother, in which case I’ve added this VonShef Milk Frother to my list.

I have a billion different types of glasses already – martini, margarita, two different types of wine, even fancy beer glasses. But we only have two champagne glasses! I’ve had two different types of champagne glass on my Amazon wishlist for ages, and I just can’t pick between them. Do you prefer champagne flutes

Or champagne saucers??

Tastemade has given me so many cooking ideas that I’d need this Cast Iron Skillet for. And I think my food photography can go next level with these Cooking Rings.

Girly Stuff

I don’t spend much of my cash on things like clothes or makeup (here’s why I’ll never be a beauty or fashion blogger!). But that doesn’t mean I don’t want them!

One thing I’m fairly sure I’m not getting, but that I couldn’t resist putting on my list is this crazy expensive but crazy beautiful eyeshadow palette. All the bloggers have been raving about the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette, and I have to admit it looks amazing.More affordable (in fact, so affordable that I already have four different shades) is the Rimmel Provocalips lipgloss in Kiss Fatal. I also added some of my preferred day-to-day use items, such as my Cacharel Amor Amor In A Flash perfume, and my MAC Mineralize powder.

I’ve recently started actually using make-up brushes rather than my fingers! And, Harry Potter nerd that I am, I couldn’t resist these Wand Makeup Brushes Set.I always find it really hard to put clothes on my wishlist. I never know what I’m going to like until I actually try it on! So I’ve asked for clothes vouchers – that way I know I’ll spend the money on myself rather than bills. I absolutely want some more comfy lounging pants, like these Harem Pants.

Geeky Stuff

I’ve got a few different board games on my wishlist. Tim and I are trying to build up our board game collection right now. It’s tough, because board games can be crazy expensive! For example, Mansions of Madness and Zombicide are both far more than I can splash out when megagaming takes up so much of my disposable income.

Tim and I have loved playing the first Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Game. Its sequel, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper and West End Adventures, is definitely on my want list.

In terms of collectibles, I’ve actually removed all the Harry Potter lego from my Amazon wishlist, despite it having pride of place for many years. I had added on two Pop! Vinyl dolls: River Song and Cersei Lannister, the two most badass biatches on TV.


I loooove my technology. But I have a bit of a habit of getting the latest tech gadget, using it obsessively for a few weeks, then never touching it again. Therefore, I’d be surprised if anyone bothered getting me anything off this list…

I’m dying to get a Google Home, although Tim said he doesn’t trust them. Also they’re not on Amazon – I’m a little tempted by the Echo, but I think the Home would fit in with the rest of my tech best.

I also really want a Smart Watch so I can tap my wrist and say “Mission Log” like I’m in a scifi movie! This Samsung Gear S2 is my top choice.


I also really think I’ll benefit from a decent alarm clock. Using my phone as my alarm means I’m stuck with it in the bedroom, which means my screen time goes right up to bed time. I think this Lumie Bodyclock Alarm would really help me get out of bed in the morning.

Thinking about blogging, I really want some tools to help with blog photos. This Ring Selfie Light would be great to brighten up my pics, as would these Light Reflectors.

Knick-knacks and Snacks

For a girl as Insta-happy as me, what can be better than an Instaframe? And I think these Hashtag Sticky Notes are totally cute, and they have various other cool items of stationery too.

And if all else fails, there’s chocolate – Cadbury and Lindor are my faves.

Wishlist Final Thoughts

I always overfill my wishlist, because that way I’ll be nicely surprised when I find out what I actually get. Ofc, the thing I’m looking forward to most is getting to see my best friends and family… but let’s be honest, presents are a close second 😉

What’s on your Amazon wishlist at the moment?

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links, which means I receive money if you make a purchase through them. You can see my full disclaimer here.

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