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Happy New Year and resolutions by BeckyBecky Blogs

How is it almost 2018 already?

by BeckyBecky

Woah you guys, it’s 31st December 2017. Where did that come from???

It’s been a year of change.

I’ve been diagnosed with MS.

I’ve settled into having UC.

I’ve hit pause on Social Quirk and started working for the NHS.

I’ve started going to blogger events and met tons of new awesome people.

But it’s also been a year of building on some of the good things I’ve got.

I feel like I’ve seen tons more of my friends and family.

I’ve enjoyed living with Tim and planning our future together.

I’ve run my second megagame and already working on my third, fourth and fifth.

I’ve become even more involved with megagames by taking a role on the Pennine Megagames Planning committee.

My Three Words

For three years, I’ve chosen “My Three Words”, the words I try to live by and focus on for the year ahead. You can check out last year’s here.

So here are my 2018 words.

My Three Words 2018 - Happy New Year and resolutions by BeckyBecky Blogs


So much of life is very… surface level. You ask people how they are without really wanting to know the answer. You take part in an activity but don’t throw yourself in. You skim.

I don’t like doing anything by halves. If something’s worth doing, it’s worth throwing yourself completely into. Immersing yourself.

Also megagames are a type of immersive gameplay and I LOVE them.


No one wants tasteless food. And no one wants a tasteless life. Put flavour into your interactions with people, from your best friend, to your colleagues, to that person who holds the door for you a little too long so you have to run like a little bit of an idiot so you’re not rude.

Also a reminder to cook more, and cook things I haven’t made before. And to eat out more. Food is generally awesome.


Defend those you love. Criticise them less and let them know you love them. Defend them from their own criticisms and help them see how amazing they are.

Defend your free time. Protect the things you enjoy doing fiercely and don’t let others tell you they’re a waste of time.

Defend yourself. Don’t let yourself be brought down – by your own harsh words, or anyone else’s.

Defend your values and beliefs. You believe them for a reason.

Don’t blindly defend. But don’t stand by while the things you care about are broken.

New Year’s Resolutions

Unlike most years, I’m not doing any official new years resolutions. They don’t work for me. Instead, I’ve got a couple of things I’d like to achieve by the end of next year (or the middle, ideally).

  1. Lose a little weight. Blah blah everyone goes on a diet in January… but last year I dieted March-May, and ended up feeling pretty awesome about myself. Then I got MS and broke my foot, and it all went to pot. So I’d just like to do a tiny bit of work to get me back to where I was.
  2. Book a holiday with Tim. Last year we went on separate holidays with friends/family, so we’re definitely owed one together.
  3. Write three megagames. Yep, three. They’re all in progress and I just need to damn well finish them.
  4. Get a permanent job. My contract with the NHS runs out in March, and I’m hoping they’ll keep me on. But if not, I’ll be looking for something else in marketing (probably).
  5. Recommit myself to this blog. It’s been hard to keep it up working part time, but I really want to get back to blogging twice a week, at least.
  6. See my friends and family often. I’ve got four (FOUR!) weddings next year, so those will be great opportunities to catch up with people. But it’s always too long between seeing people, in my experience.
  7. Don’t get a third chronic illness πŸ˜‰

Happy New Year!

I’m heading out to Veeno in Wellington Square tonight, for a 50s themed evening of food, drink and fun. What are you up to? Do you have your resolutions all planned?

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