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Milestone in Sheffield: restaurant review by BeckyBecky Blogs

Detour to Sheffield: the Milestone Restaurant Review

by BeckyBecky

Earlier this month I headed out to Sheffield to celebrate my best friends Keeleigh’s birthday.

After living at the opposite end of the country to her for the past five years, it is so so awesome to be living a short train track away from her – even better since she has recently gotten engaged and asked me to be maid of honour!

The birthday girl before visiting the Milestone Sheffield

After presenting her with some sunflowers from Kirkgate Market (see my recent blog on how cool it is to do a shop there), we headed to our dinner destination – an upmarket gastropub called The Milestone. Keeleigh had purchased a wowcher for it ahead of time, and luckily so.

First Impressions

It’s pretty unassuming from the outside, and I genuinely didn’t actually realise it was our destination when our Uber pulled up.

The Milestone Sheffield

That would have been a big mistake. Even just walking through the door, I started to get excited. The decor was rustic but minimalist, and instantly welcoming. Everything from the stone and hard-wood, to the clean white walls, to the quirky foodie images on the walls, felt deliberate.

The Interior of the Milestone Sheffield

The Interior of the Milestone Sheffield

milestone sheffield interior 3

An open kitchen upstairs meant we could get glimpses into how these skilled chefs created their masterpieces…

Chefs in the kitchen of the Milestone Sheffield

Fresh flowers on the tables and cucumber in the water glass, and everything bathed in tons of natural light. I was super thrilled even before the we saw the menu.

Flowers on the table at the Milestone Sheffield

Cucumber water at the Milestone Sheffield

And what. A. Menu. Unlike many discount vouchers which rule out half the menu, there was just the one dish we couldn’t have through the voucher. And every single dish sounded delicious. Did we want veloute of foraged greens for our starter, or whipped goats cheese with local beetroot? And for mains, options such as pan-fried coley and pan-seared loin and roast belly of pork called out to us. There were so many options I wanted to try, it took us forever to make up our minds.


Which meant… plenty of time for a cocktail! Confusingly, they had about three different cocktail menus, but we didn’t spot them all before placing our order. We both chose a bellini from the aperitif section. Mine was hedgerow summer berry, while Keeleigh picked the frozen apple and elderflower one.

Hedgerow summer berry bellini at the Milestone Sheffield

Frozen apple and elderflower bellini at the Milestone Sheffield

Drinks in hand, we pondered the menu before finally finally deciding on a -oh wait, no, let me think, oh, I want that instead- finally deciding on a starter and a main each.

While waiting, we chatted about her upcoming wedding plans, what she was doing for her birthday, our respective other halves and gossip about friends. Our starters arrived speedily and we dug in.

Such Food

Keeleigh had picked the deep fried crispy pigs head, served with piccalilli and pork scratching. We weren’t quite sure what to expect – would it be shaped like a pig’s head?

Crispy pigs head at the Milestone Sheffield

Instead, it was shaped more like a fish finger… but the best fish finger ever. The filling was essentially pulled pork, a very moist and tasty pulled pork, covered in delicious crispy breadcrumbs (yes, she let me try some and it was incredible).

My pick was macaroni cheese, topped with slow cooked hen’s egg, parmesan and truffle. Mac & cheese doesn’t exactly sound classy, but I’ve been crazy about it since I went to New York last year. And this version has definitely got to be the best I’ve ever tasted – absolutely packed with flavour.

Macaroni cheese at the Milestone Sheffield

I was a little disappointed to discover a lack of yolk porn when I cut the egg open (I love myself a nice gooey yolk), but it was so immaculately cooked that I forgave it. Additionally, truffle is literally the only mushroom I eat (and there are some who call me high maintenance, can you believe it?).

The portion sizes were perfect – they sounded huge on the menu but the dishes themselves were just enough to whet our appetite without feeling like we’d been ripped off.

Starters were gone in no time. Service was quick, and we were soon tucking into some amazing main courses.

I declined to try Keeleigh’s main course, tomato risotto with pickled shallot, goats cheese and dressed leaves. It sounded pretty damn tasty (which she confirmed) but I’m not a big tomato fan.

Tomato risotto at the Milestone Sheffield

My bavette steak more than made up for missing out though. It was pan seared, and served up with whipped beef fat and pickled shallot, with a side of parmesan and truffle chips.

Bavette steak at the Milestone Sheffield

Honestly, I don’t know what each of the blobs on the plate are, but they were 100% delicious.

Parmesan and truffle chips at the Milestone Sheffield

I was so grateful that the side of chips gave me a way to mop up all that saucy goodness. The steak pretty much finished me off though, and I forced Keeleigh to steal some chips from me.

More Drinks

Too full for dessert, we decided to grab another cocktail, this time a mango margarita each.

Mango margaritas at the Milestone Sheffield

When the bill came, we were impressed. A meal usually costing £72 was brought down to just £46, that’s to wowcher. We left a good tip and then proceeded to get lost on our way back into town!

Thanks Keeleigh for a fantastic meal out, and happy 26th birthday!

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